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AltSounds is a carefully curated resource of what is, in our opinions, the greatest new (and sometimes old) music out there.  We explicitly only post videos to AltSounds that we love, which ensures only the best new music videos in the world are featured on AltSounds.  That said, we understand the benefits of offering a way for record labels, PR companies, artists and bands to get their video published on AltSounds, harnessing the power of our viewership regardless of our opinion.  This is why we opted to allow any artist, band, label or PR company to submit a video for inclusion to us for a small fee.

AltSounds is a completely ad-free experience and, as such, by submitting your video for inclusion to AltSounds you are providing yourself with excellent visibility to millions of people that would not have heard your band otherwise, simultaneously supporting the AltSounds cause and helping keep DIY, independent music alive.  The cost of a video submission is $25.  This submission fee guarantees your inclusion in our PROMOTIONAL channel. It stays visible until a 26th paid submission video (after yours) is added to the channel. It will always remain present in the DISCOVER section as that allows you to dig deeper into our catalog and lists items by date.  Your individual AltSounds URL will remain live even when your channel inclusion expires keeping your video as part of our ever extended music video database. Your item will also show up in Google and other search engine results too.

Each paid submission is also watched and listened to by one of our tastemakers.  Should our tastemaker love your video and / or song, they may opt to include your video in other genre channels.  Your video submission also has the chance of being included on our front page channel, being watched by 10's of thousands of serious music fans daily.  If your video is chosen by an AltSounds tastemaker you will be informed via e-mail and, your video will remain live in our SURPRISE ME channels and DISCOVER indefinitely – even after it expires from all other channels.

Payments by PayPal

SUBMISSION RULES:  Your video must be either an official music video, lyric video or live performance of you or your band.  DO NOT submit music or videos that you do not explicitly own the copyright for.  We do not accept submissions for non music content, interview videos, teasers, trailers or anything else other than the three video types listed above.  By submitting to us you are confirming that you are the copyright holder and are eligible to be granting us to submit your video and it's associated image.