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  • Midori and Ezra Boy – Burned
    Midori and Ezra Boy – Burned
    Directed by: Conor McCammon
  • Bemyoda – Always
      Bemyoda – Always
    Directed by: Dan Ungureanu & Alma Cazacu
  • Tesh Carter – Kilofe
      Tesh Carter – Kilofe
    Directed by: Tesh Carter
  • Tesh Carter – Hotline Bling
      Tesh Carter – Hotline Bling
    Directed by: Tesh Carter
  • The Wild Things – Hollywood
      The Wild Things – Hollywood
    Directed by: Rob Kendrick
  • Audio Subscene – High and Dry
      Audio Subscene – High and Dry
    Directed by: Warren Records
  • Late Cambrian – Dark Heart (Where Can We Go Now?)
      Late Cambrian – Dark Heart (Where Can We Go Now?)
    Directed by: John Wlaysewski
  • [Evertrapped] – Embrace The End
      [Evertrapped] – Embrace The End
    Directed by: [Evertrapped]
  • Bradley Gillis – Santa Claus is Rockin’
      Bradley Gillis – Santa Claus is Rockin’
    Directed by: Maurice Linnane
  • The Weatherman – ICE II
      The Weatherman – ICE II
    Directed by: Vasco Mendes
  • Towers Of London – Shake It
      Towers Of London – Shake It
    Directed by: Michael Middleton-Downer
  • Airport Impressions – Walk With Me
      Airport Impressions – Walk With Me
    Directed by: Jean Pierre Gatt.r
  • Ali Ingle – Hey Kid
      Ali Ingle – Hey Kid
    Directed by: Ali Ingle
  • Jack the Radio – Moonlight
      Jack the Radio – Moonlight
    Directed by: Justin Reich
  • Moonbabies – 24
      Moonbabies – 24
    Directed by: Yuriy Miron
  • Fuck The Facts – Solitude
      Fuck The Facts – Solitude
    Directed by: Dave Levitt
  • Late Cambrian – Drawn and Quartered
      Late Cambrian – Drawn and Quartered
    Directed by: Danny Allen
  • Vulgarians – Wet Juice
      Vulgarians – Wet Juice
    Directed by: Joe Johnson & Matthew Bibby