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  • Maya Lavelle – House On A Rocky Road
    Maya Lavelle – House On A Rocky Road
    Directed by: Tamara Kotevska
  • Love Motel – The Perfect Male
      Love Motel – The Perfect Male
    Directed by: Sébastien Moret
  • Freedust – Jump Up and Down
      Freedust – Jump Up and Down
    Directed by: Stefano Ottaviano
  • mi mye – That Night in Thurso
      mi mye – That Night in Thurso
    Directed by: Morgan Foye
  • Murmur Tooth – Memory
      Murmur Tooth – Memory
    Directed by: Leah Hinton
  • The War Room – Secret Lovers
      The War Room – Secret Lovers
    Directed by: The War Room
  • Risky Motion – Get Me Going
      Risky Motion – Get Me Going
    Directed by: David Roseboom
  • Zoey Clarke – Rewind
      Zoey Clarke – Rewind
    Directed by: FB Studio
  • Local H – Innocents
      Local H – Innocents
    Directed by: Felix Piñeiro
  • Cult Fantastic – Screens
    Cult Fantastic – Screens
    Directed by: Cult Fantastic
  • N.A.M – RA
      N.A.M – RA
    Directed by: N.A.M
  • Ital Tek – Blood Rain
      Ital Tek – Blood Rain
    Directed by: Adam Chitayat
  • Stray Monroe – Seaside
      Stray Monroe – Seaside
    Directed by: Nolan Woodward & Keeyan Irvije
  • Victoria Prince – Paradise
      Victoria Prince – Paradise
    Directed by: Andrea & Keoni Dagdag
  • The Rockin’ Dead – Your Truth Is Just A Lie
      The Rockin’ Dead – Your Truth Is Just A Lie
    Directed by: The Rockin' Dead
  • Violent Practice – S&M
      Violent Practice – S&M
    Directed by: Joseph Briones
  • Canibals – Blue Heaven
      Canibals – Blue Heaven
    Directed by: John
  • Rowen Kahn – Miss Too Good
      Rowen Kahn – Miss Too Good
    Directed by: Aidan Kahn