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  • Boy In Space – Caroline
    Boy In Space – Caroline
    Directed by: Astro Film
  • Zeca Polina – Floss Dance
      Zeca Polina – Floss Dance
    Directed by: Ricardo Maia
  • Sarah Mary Chadwick – When Will Death Come
      Sarah Mary Chadwick – When Will Death Come
    Directed by: Tristan Scott-Behrends
  • the pocket herc – Mama Said
      the pocket herc – Mama Said
    Directed by: the pocket herc
  • Lumiere – Nyctophilia
      Lumiere – Nyctophilia
    Directed by: Jean-Charles Couty
  • Queen City Collective – Despari
      Queen City Collective – Despari
    Directed by: Matt Seo
  • Southdogrock – Ride with me
      Southdogrock – Ride with me
    Directed by: Southdogrock
  • Fortnight In Florida – I Can’t Wait Forever
      Fortnight In Florida – I Can’t Wait Forever
    Directed by: Edward Micu
  • Wildstreet – Tennessee Cocaine
      Wildstreet – Tennessee Cocaine
    Directed by: Matt Sohl
  • Mark Gus Scott – With You…
      Mark Gus Scott – With You…
    Directed by: Mark Gus Scott
  • TK – Kill It
      TK – Kill It
    Directed by: Rafaelerion
  • 22HERTZ – Get the HellOut
      22HERTZ – Get the HellOut
    Directed by: Lisa Mann
  • Gabe ‘Nandez – I.D.
      Gabe ‘Nandez – I.D.
    Directed by: David Findlay
  • Neuromantics – Clarity
      Neuromantics – Clarity
    Directed by: Reece Lipman
  • capitano – when i DANCE
      capitano – when i DANCE
    Directed by: Katja Kuhl
  • Goblin Prince – Choirboys
      Goblin Prince – Choirboys
    Directed by: Pepa Kistner
      LUTE – FEARS
    Directed by: LUTE
  • INA INA – Cacao (Tôn Kokô)
      INA INA – Cacao (Tôn Kokô)
    Directed by: Michelangelo De Cia